A little about me

So for those of you who are randomly stumbling upon this blog, here’s a little background info on me.

I live in Toronto, work for TSN, and live happily with my boyfriend. I am desperate for a cat. I have an amazing social circle of friends, and am lucky to have a wonderful, loving family. But despite all of this positivity – I sometimes find myself riddled with anxiety and depression. I find writing is incredibly therapeutic, and so a couple years ago I wrote my first piece about mental illness, openly declaring my health anxiety for the world to see. It’s completely changed my life being so open and honest, and I was taken aback by the supportive response my confession was given. So I kept on writing about my inner demons.


Music has also been a part of my life since before I was born. My parents, my dad especially, are big music fans. Some of my earliest memories involve my dad carrying me around the house singing Kate Bush. I grew up on artists like Genesis, The Beatles, Mike Oldfield, Enya, Roxy Music, Peter Gabriel, Peter Murphy, Clannad, the list goes on.

Now I find myself sitting comfortably in the indie category of music fan. I tend to gravitate towards electronic/synth & indie rock. But I listen to anything that catches my ear. One of my goals when I moved to Toronto was to immerse myself in the music scene. I finally feel I’ve achieved that after living here for nearly 12 years.

Thus – the original point of this blog was to simply write about concerts and music, but it’s turned out to be about so much more.

Thank you for following along and reading my journey. I hope you enjoy it.




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