It’s coming…

Kings of Leon, August 2014
Kings of Leon, August 2014 (photo credit: My Samsung Galaxy S3)

This year was an epic concert year for me. I was lucky enough to attend more concerts in one year than I ever have before. I saw over thirty bands in fact! And after sharing this information with some co-workers it was decided I would set out to rank each & every band I saw. My hope is this blog post sparks some conversation, and maybe inspires more people to check out and enjoy live music in this great city.

To start… the boring stuff… the ground rules: 

  1. There is one band that essentially tops everything. I will reveal that later. But what I mean is, they take home Best Band, Best Setlist, etc. They are untouchable this year. Some of you can probably already guess who it is…
  2. I am only going to list bands I saw an entire set of. This includes openers, festival participants, and headliners. If I came into a show halfway through a band, they won’t make this list. I had to draw the line somewhere. Some disagree with me including openers but they deserve as much love (if not more since they tend to be more unknown), as the headliner.
  3. There are times where emotion/sentimentality are going to come into play and I can’t help it. So don’t hate when I may rank a band a little higher simply because an external circumstance was at play. That’s what a concert is all about anyways, you might not be the biggest fan of a band but the people you go with might help make it a night to remember.

Look for the full rankings to come out December 31st (or maybe January 1st or 2nd..)


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