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Taken on Thanksgiving Monday, while on my bike
Taken on Thanksgiving Monday, while on my bike

I know summer is awesome. Patios. Beaches. Sunshine. But Fall has its own set of perks. For one, I am obsessed with scarves. I love finally being able to bust out my collection. (I really do have a problem). So with the changing of another season comes another time for me to pause and change gears – it’s time for my Fall 2015 Music entry!

Songs of Fall 2015

There’s still been a stready stream of new albums and singles that I’ve been eating up. Here are some of the songs in heavy rotation for me right now:

  • “Loud Places” by Jamie xx (feat. Romy)
  • “2 Heads” by Coleman Hell
  • “Molotov Girls” by The Zolas
  • “Monument” by Mutemath
  • “Timothy” by Tallest Man on Earth
  • “Story of an Immigrant” by Civil Twilight
  • “Careless” by Alex Winston
  • “High” by Zella Day
  • “I’m Not Coming Back” by Husky
  • “First” by Cold War Kids

Albums of Fall 2015

Some of these albums came out earlier this year (or last year) but they’re looking like strong candidates for some heavy listening this season:

  • “Every Open Eye” by CHVRCHES (This might be Top 5 album for me this year)
  • “Chaotic Neutral” by Matthew Good (He does an amazing Kate Bush cover on this album)
  • “Currents” by Tame Impala
  • “Pagans in Vegas” by Metric
  • “This Is All Yours” by Alt – J
  • “Brutal Romantic” by Brooke Fraser
  • “Hold My Home” by Cold War Kids
  • “Roses” by Coeur de Pirate (my parents got me into this one)
  • “How Does It Feel” by MS MR

General Ramblings

Once again, it’s shaping up to be a fantastic year for live music. I actually just came off my first big-time pop concert. I’ve worked big shows when I was an usher at the ACC, but for the first time I attended a major tour. I was in attendance for Taylor Swift! It was actually great to be at a show and experiencing something so big as a fan.

For me, one of the best parts about Fall is going for walks and taking in all of the colours. And for me, the two essentials I have with me when going for one of those walks is usually a warm beverage, and my iPod. Everything is enhanced with a great soundtrack behind it. And mental health bonus, I can’t have anxious thoughts when I am too busy enjoying the scenery and singing along (in my head) to my favourite artists. So sorry in advance, I will take a lot of pictures this season and post them on social media. I love taking photos, and I love sharing them. But don’t let your social media habits ruin your enjoyment of the outdoors this time of year. Make sure you take the time to absorb what’s all around you, before snapping a quick pic. Soon enough, we’ll be bundled up inside wishing for patio season to return, so enjoy it while you can.

UPDATE on “One for the Ladies” and My Cervix

I received my biopsy results, and unfortunately I will have to go ahead with the LEEP procedure. I do in fact have pre-cancerous cells on my cervix. Definitely not the result I hoped for. But for me, it’s important to remember that all of this is exactly why I go for a pap smear. This is a good thing that they’ve found. And what’s also good for me to focus on is that for once, I didn’t sit in fear of the test results. I actually felt POSITIVE about them. This is so unique for me. And now that I have the confirmation that I am pre-cancerous, I still am more upset about the inconvenience of the procedure than anything. These are huge steps forwards for me. So ladies, if I can get through this, you can too. No matter how scared I am of the future, I am going to keep going ahead with these appointments and following up. Early prevention is key.

Thanks for reading as always. Check the social media bar along the side to follow me on Twitter and Instagram. 


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