Music Musings: Winter 2015 Recap

Sam Roberts @ The Metropolis
Crowd @ Sam Roberts

Winter. Some people embrace it, others loathe it. What often gets me through some of those cold, dark nights is sitting around with friends, listening to great music. And this winter was no different for me, and I’ve been stumbling upon some great artists.

Top Albums of Winter 2015

Here’s who I’ve been listening to the most this winter:

  • The War on Drugs “Lost in the Dream”
  • Broods “Evergreen”
  • Cairo “A History of Reason”
  • Jungle “Jungle”
  • Bohemians “Settle Down, Carry On”
  • Misterwives “Our Own House”
  • Halsey “Room 93”
  • Hey Rosetta! “Second Sight”
  • Borns “Candy”
  • Stars “No One Is Lost”
  • Kitten “Kitten

This is also along with some solid favourites like Dear Rouge, White Lies, The XX, Broken Social Scene, and whatever Sean is jamming to on his stereo. We often have nights where we re-discover some old favourites. Recently he played me some Collective Soul and it was so great to listen to them again. Funnily enough, my old teenage favourites The Moffatts came up at work and it left me scouring YouTube for some of their old unreleased songs. I still love that band!! I dare you to put on some older music you bought when you were a teenager and see if your tastes have changed! (Or what you might end up falling in love with all over again).

Who I’ve Seen… and Who’s Next

Like last year, I am again going full tilt with live music. So far I have been to three concerts – The New Pornographers, Stars (with Hey Rosetta!), and Sam Roberts (with The High Dials). All of them thus far have been stellar! Sam Roberts I was lucky enough to see in Montreal (his hometown) and I am STILL blown away by the show. I also was really surprised by Stars. Their last album (The North) underwhelmed me but they’ve hit a home run with “No One Is Lost”. Next up? I am beyond excited to see Noel Gallagher in May. As a lifelong Oasis fan it pains me that I never saw Oasis in their prime, so for me this is the next best thing. I can’t wait to see what other shows I get to check out this spring & summer!

Festival Musings

I just want to say it. So far I have been completely underwhelmed by the Toronto festival lineups this year. I can’t go to Field Trip this year due to other commitments, but to be honest I am kind of happy I didn’t buy pre-sale tickets. Alabama Shakes would be pretty awesome to see live though. The new Way Home Festival was a let down. It seemed like a re-hash of last year’s NXNE lineup. I am crossing my fingers for a great Osheaga lineup. TURF & Riot Fest also need to step it up. Otherwise, I might not be hitting anywhere near 34 bands this year. Man, only a couple weeks away from turning 30 and I already sound like a grumpy old hipster! So step it up Toronto!! Music fans in this city deserve the best of the best!! I am tired of seeing festival lineups that don’t nearly come close to some of the other world class festivals around North America.

Find Your Jam

Need to refresh your playlist? I highly recommend Songza, and don’t be afraid to try some of those “Recommended for You” options on YouTube. I’ve found a few bands this way. And get back to listening to the radio! Yes, they will overplay some bands but every now & then a new one will cross your airwaves and get you hooked. Or, check out some of this city’s great live music venues and just randomly buy tickets to a show! And just because I am less than impressed with CMW doesn’t mean you shouldn’t buy a wristband and take in a whole week of music.

Happy listening! (And thanks for indulging me). @TeslaMay


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